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  • The total capacity of the cold storage is 1100 tons consisting of chambers (up to +5 degree) temperature of 1000 tons and frozen (up to -20 degree) temperature consisting of 100 tons.
  • The cold storage is provided with hydraulic ramp, hydraulic lift with palate trucks for handling the materials loading and unloading safely and in a quick manner.
  • The temperature of both the chambers will be maintained with our technical expert for 24 hours with the stand by compressors as well as genset having the capacity of 125 kva.
  • The cold storage is operated with centralized hermetic ammonia pump system imported from Germany which is unique. The ammonia at 0° centigrade is pumped to the air cooling units under minimal pressure whereby leakage of ammonia is avoided and temperature can be brought down from the product in a short time with auto cut system.
  • Ammonia is a refrigerant having Zero ODP and Zero GWP.
  • The tariff will be based on weight, volume for short term storage. The seasonal product can be stored based on season of 3 to 6 months on a slab rate basis. For long term storage the tariff will be based on individual tier with locker system for the use of the Merchants, Exports and Departmental Stores.
  • The frozen storage is provided with independent refrigerant 404-a bitzer international, condensing unit & guntner air cooling coil from Germany with auto system.
  • The cold storage is also planning to have refrigerator truck for the receipt & issue of high value products as a part of cold Storage infrastructure.
  • The time for receipt & delivery will be in morning 9:00am to evening 7:00pm with skilled man power with Perfect & Fast Service.
  • Specialized commodity storage rooms of various sizes, with temperatures from -23 degree Celsius to +23 degree CelsiusPersonalized data loggers enhanced with online viewing facility.
  • WE ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU, We serve you 24 *7, CCTV surveillance in all units 24*7

  • Lock & Key Facility available. 100 % Power back-up at all locations.Bank Tie-Up’s to aid Finance against Stock
  • Provides facilities for the preparation of fresh produce for the transportation of fresh produce from farm to packhouse, and from packhouse to ports of export.Provides cold storage facilities.Provides advice on the methods of preparation for fresh fruits and vegetables for export.
  • Provides cold storage facilities.Provides advice on the methods of preparation for fresh fruits and vegetables for export.