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  • To provide up to date technology for storage of Fruits, Vegetables and Food items with in Tamil Nadu.
  • The leading manufacturer of quality ice and water products, temperature controlled storage and distribution, with brands that are internationally recognised as the product of choice.
  • Our vision is focused on excellence, the highest quality and to be leader in technology. We redefine quality day by day, continuously to provide world class products with services and settings higher and higher standard of customer oriented quality.
  • We are dedicated to fully understanding each customer’s business in order to anticipate their current and future needs.
  • In fulfilling our mission, we recognize the need to maintain sales growth and profitability to uphold our competitive advantage. Our long term objective is to exceed the performance of comparable companies by focusing on continuous improvement in our operations.
  • Mission:

  • To share up to date information about the Cold Storage facility with the farmers, traders and wholesale customers.

  • Improve the facility gradually to keep pace with the changing technology.
  • Facilitating effective link between the producers and the end customers by offering quality products.
  • Dedicated to consumer enjoyment, our customers success, product availability and service.Europe’s leading supplier of innovative ice and water products.
  • A growing network of cold storage and distribution locations across the india.